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A Friendly and Welcoming Environment

Resolving issues that involve you and your family are not just about the law. They can be emotional, stressful and challenging to deal with. Finding a resolution that best fits your needs is important. At Baskin & Baskin, P.C., you will have a strong advocate on your side.

Baskin & Baskin, P.C., represents clients throughout north Georgia in a wide range of family law matters. We have been serving Marietta and the surrounding areas for more than 30 years and put a strong emphasis on building strong relationships with our clients. Your needs come first, regardless of the complexity of your case.

The decisions you have to make during the legal process can be stressful, and the best long-term solution is not always obvious or easy. When you are represented by our experienced team, we can provide you with the skillful and professional representation you deserve.

Experienced, Knowledgeable and Committed Family Law Attorneys

Our Atlanta family law lawyers handle a wide range of matters, some of which include:


Mediation and Collaborative Law

Child Support

Domestic Violence


Juvenile Law

Misdemeanor Criminal Defense

Wills, Trusts & Estates

Legal Separation


Child Custody & Visitation

Modification of Court Orders

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

To read more about each of the areas of family law we handle, visit our practice overview page.

Marietta Family Law Attorneys

By combining our complementary talents and energies, we are able to offer our clients truly high-quality legal services. We are also committed to excellent communication with our clients. Our offices are in an inviting, classic bungalow on the edge of a residential neighborhood. We feel this setting conveys the type of law firm we are — friendly, affordable and a part of the community.

Read what people are saying about us.

  • I was very satisfied with the services I received from Carol S. Baskin and her legal team. They were always polite, efficient and made me relax when I was feeling uptight and unsure of myself. Carol, in particular, is a delight to talk to and she is highly intelligent and knowledgeable. Patrick Evans was fabulous in moving things along and the rest of the team, especially Marcia and Laura, were always pleasant and accommodating.
    – Sana
  • I was very happy with Carol S. Baskin and her legal team. They were very attentive to my needs and always kept me informed. I also enjoyed chatting with them during my visits to the firm and highly recommend them.
    – Satisfied Client
  • Thank you sandy for your professional approach to your job an supporting me all the way. It made all the different in the out come of the situation I found myself in.
    – Glendora
  • In stereotypical fashion, my 20-year marriage devolved over time - he got lost in his work and I made our children top priority. No one's fault, just fell out of love, but I'm a hopeful romantic, believing that all Nora Ephron movies are possibilities, so I filed for divorce. I'm the meek one, not prone to such actions, and I found Carol, a brace for my backbone. She's filled many roles during this process and made it less daunting. Fortunately, my divorce is amicable, but I'm so glad Carol and her amazing support staff - Marsha, Laura and Katherine - are in my corner. Their compassion and knowledge are unparalleled and exactly what I needed!
    – Lee
  • Carol Baskin was retained for an extremely complicated and lengthy litigation. She guided us with her expertise and made sure that she was thoroughly prepared before we stepped in the courtroom. Only hire her if you are hoping to win!!
    – Satisfied Client
  • I hired Carol to represent me in divorce and post divorce matters.She is both professional and caring to her clients.I had a contempt case to enforce a stipulation in my divorce decree.Carol uncovered information that proved to be fraudulent on my ex in court.Without this i do not believe we would have received the outcome we got..The opposing counsel never knew what hit him!!She is a straight shooter and her knowledge of the law is amazing!!If you are looking for representation on family issues you will be hard pressed to find any better than Carol!!
    – Satisfied Client
  • Carol Baskin is one of the most knowledgeable and pro-active family law practioner's in the state of Georgia. Whenever I run into contempt issues with my ex husband I know who to contact! I wish I used her for my divorce! She is thorough, no nonsense, and to the point. From what I gather, Judges like her and listen to her!! Even opposing counsel enjoy working with her, as I was before I retained her. She is a lawyer's lawyer! Please call her today!
    – Lynn
  • Sandy is a fantastic attorney with great character, integrity and results oriented. She fights for what you deserve with loyalty and tenacity. She gets the job done and her honesty and straight forwardness lets you know right away that she means business. Sandy helped me with my divorce and the results were phenomenal.
    – Angela
  • Unfortunately, attorneys tend to receive bad raps that are often times unwarranted. In the case of Attorney Burney, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she was very helpful, professional, and on top of things from beginning to end. While handling my Chapter 13 case, there was never a time when my calls, emails, or texts were not returned promptly. She was always on time for appointments and court appearances. More importantly, she represented me well. I strongly recommend Sandy Burney as a Bankruptcy Attorney to anyone looking for quality service.
    – Ann
  • Ms. Burney handled my estate planning and I can say how pleased I am with how professional and patient she was with me. She completely educated me on how to prepare my trust and will. She was very patient with me gathering documents and was available to answer all my questions. I highly recommend contacting Ms. Burney if you have any estate or family law needs. I am proud to have such a professional on my side.
    – Satisfied Client
  • Would definitely recommend Ms Burney to anyone in need of legal assistance . Very knowledgable in reference to current laws. Ms. Burney kept me informed during the entire process, in relation to any changes or updates. Ms. Burney did a thorough job in guiding me through my divorce, making an often times painstaking process such as divorce, a lot less stressful! Ms. Burney has a pleasant demeanor that makes her very easy to communicate with. Ultimately, all of my legal questions were answered in a timely fashion, and all of my legal needs were met. Can't thank you enough, Ms. Burney!!!!!!!!
    – Satisfied Client
  • I endorse this lawyer. Counsel is a highly competent, professional and compassionate advocate.
    – Anjel Burgess (Social Security Lawyer in Marietta, Georgia)
  • I highly endorse this lawyer. He is an excellent advocate for his clients in and out of the courtroom.
    – Jackson Oliver (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • I endorse this lawyer. Excellent and highly respected attorney.
    – Charles Reese (Criminal Defense Attorney)
  • I endorse this lawyer.Her knowledge is desired while her professionalism is admired.
    – Aisha Broderick (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Top-notch attorney. Highly respected in the legal community.
    – Christian Lessen (Personal Injury Lawyer)
  • I endorse this lawyer. Ms. Burney is compassionate, caring, and dedicated to her clients.
    – Kevin Hicks (Insurance Law Lawyer in Macon, Georgia)
  • I endorse this lawyer. He is a tremendous defender. You'd be lucky to hire him to defend you. Great work!
    – Jobeth Bowers (Criminal Defense Attorney)
  • I endorse this lawyer. I am proud to endorse this attorney as a person who provides competent counsel AND takes the time to answer questions on Avvo to help out others. You make us all look better, THANKS!
    – Michael LeMond (Criminal Defense Attorney)