i-childcustodyvisitationOne of the most contentious and stressful aspects of a divorce is the matter of child custody. The relationship between parents and children is important, and the courts recognize that children are better served when both parents have equal rights to custody and visitation.

Custody involves both “legal” and “physical” custody. Legal custody concerns the right to make important decisions regarding the health and upbringing of a child, including health care and education decisions. Physical custody refers to who will have actual custody of the child. This may be granted either as joint custody or primary custody.

At Baskin & Baskin, P.C., our Marietta child custody attorneys have been handling family law cases since 1974. We provide knowledgeable advice to clients about their options and what their expectations should be regarding custody.

When parents cannot reach a decision about custody of their children, the court may appoint a neutral third party, a guardian ad litem, to help determine which parent is better suited to provide the primary care. Attorney Carol Baskin is approved to serve as a guardian ad litem in contested custody matters and has extensive experience assisting the courts in this important role.

Working to Meet All of Your Custody and Visitation Needs

In any custody case, it is important for our attorneys to get to know our clients, and to start working out a plan designed for them and their children. We often consult with child psychologists to help us determine the impact of a custody decision. We will figure out what needs the child has and will be best for his or her interests. The courts prefer to grant joint custody, but will always take into account the safety of the child, any history of domestic abuse, and the preferences of the child, if the child is of appropriate age and maturity.

In addition to resolving child custody and visitation matters in cases of divorce or legal separation, we also provide assistance with custody modifications, including parental relocation and move-aways where one parent moves out of state. We also vigorously defend grandparents’ rights when they have been denied a relationship with their grandchildren.

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