i-parentalrelocationmoveawaysThere are a number of reasons that one parent may request to move away and seek a change in custody. When one parent seeks to relocate, there is a formal process that must be followed in requesting modifications to custody and visitation. Whether you are seeking relocation with your child or challenging a petition to move, our lawyers will represent your interests.

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Parental Relocation and Move-Aways in Georgia

Moving children to another state with a parent requires the help of an attorney. Parental relocation cannot be done unless the custody agreement is officially modified. Verbal agreements are not upheld in the courtroom. In determining whether or not to approve a custody or visitation modification, the courts will look at several things, including:

  • Reasons for requesting the move (job opportunity, etc.)
  • Relationships the child has established at school, with friends and family
  • Impact of the move on the child’s well-being

Attorneys Who Will Stand By Your Side

It is important to have a strong advocate on your side at all times. The Marietta parental relocation lawyers at our firm have vast experience representing clients in all types of custody and visitation matters, including paternity and legitimation, fathers’ rights, mothers’ rights and more. With years of experience, our attorneys know the Georgia court systems and what the family courts will be looking at when determining custody and visitation matters. You can count on our extensive experience and proven track record.

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