i-modificationofcourtordersThe circumstances of parents and children are constantly changing. While child support modification and spousal support modification are possible, it is not possible to modify the terms of a property division agreement in Georgia. Fortunately, the law in Georgia allow for adjustments to child custody, child support, visitation rights and spousal support should you experience a substantial change in employment, income, geography and other life circumstances. You may also be faced with a situation where your former spouse is seeking to modify an order. In that situation, you will need guidance about your rights and how to protect yourself and your children.

At the law firm of Baskin & Baskin, P.C., our Marietta divorce modification attorneys have been providing family law services to people throughout the Atlanta metro area since 1974. We have handled modification cases involving many different scenarios where expenses have changed, income has changed or a remarriage has occurred for one or both parties.

Circumstances That May Require a Modification

Modifications to a divorce agreement or decree may occur following:

  • Changes to a child’s medical care or health insurance costs
  • Changes to the cost of a child’s education
  • Changes to the cost of day care
  • An increase or decrease in the net earnings for you or your former spouse
  • Remarriage

One of the most common types of modification occurs when a parent wishes to relocate. In these cases, it needs to be shown that relocation will be in the best interest of the child.

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