i-custodymodificationsIf your family’s circumstances have changed, you may need to seek a modification to a court order. In doing so, it is important that you work with a skilled attorney who can guide you through this process. The lawyers at our firm are here to help answer your questions and educate you about the issues of your case.

At Baskin & Baskin, P.C., we understand the issues that families face when a legal challenge arises. We are here to provide strong advocacy and help you reach a successful outcome for your situation. Our firm is dedicated to providing strong representation for clients. We represent clients in a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, custody, visitation, support and more.

Modification of Visitation and Custody Agreements

There are many different scenarios in which a modification of a court order may be necessary. In cases involving custody or visitation, it is critical that you go through the formalized process for modifying the order (even if your children are older). Verbal and written agreements will not be recognized by the courts in the event that a legal issue should arise. The courts will look at a number of different circumstantial issues, which include:

  • Changes in schooling, education or day care
  • Changes to a child’s athletic schedule
  • Changes in a parent’s job or job hours
  • Parental relocation

At Baskin & Baskin, P.C., we have successfully helped mothers and fathers in custody and visitation modifications. Our lawyers know the law and will utilize the appropriate tools and resources to assist with your situation. Our clients benefit from our individualized services and the team-oriented approach that we take. We will provide guidance and support for you at all times.

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